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S-1 GARD Independent Testing 

In cooperation with the City of Montebello (California) Transit System, Public Transportation Safety Int'l Corp. (PTS) completed a two-year period of design evaluation and refinement of the S-1 GARD.

The next step in creating a viable, marketable product was to test the S-1 GARD in a variety of climate and service conditions across North America. The transit companies in Washington, D.C. (WMATA), Boston, Massachusetts (MBTA), Los Angeles, California (MTA), and Chicago, Illinois (Gray Lines), were each supplied three S-1 GARDs to install and independently test for a minimum six-month evaluation period. One S-1 GARD was also installed on a transit bus in Rochester, Minnesota, for special evaluation in snow conditions.

The S-1 GARD's performance exceeded objectives and expectations in all categories of evaluation. Major transit properties in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Austin, Texas, have retrofitted their entire fleets with the lifesaving S-1 GARD.

Reports available for download:

  1. S-1 GARD Testing and Analysis Report (PDF) prepared by James M. Green, P.E.,DEE, of The National Academy of Forensic Experts, and Christopher W. Ferone

  2. Field Evaluation of the S-1 Pedestrian Gard: Transit and Shuttle Bus Applications (PDF) prepared by Christopher W. Ferone of Americoach Systems, Inc., for the Society of Automotive Engineers

  3. Transit Cooperative Research Program Report 125: Guidebook for Mitigating Fixed-Route Bus-and-Pedestrian Collisions (PDF) prepared by United States Transportation Research Board's Transit Cooperative Research Program