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Price of Petrol Continues to Rise and Increase the need for Public Safety

With the continued rise of petrol prices, transit properties all over Europe have continued to see increased ridership, which will demand more emphasis on safety. Because of the increased safety risks, transit properties' exposure rate is increasing by the day.

In order to reduce mounting casualty losses to risk reserves and insurance pools, major transit properties have installed the S-1 GARD. The S-1 GARD has been a proven safety device for almost two decades and your entire fleet can be retrofitted for less than the cost of one settlement. The S-1 GARD will:

  1. Prevent Catastrophic Losses. Fatalities, dismemberment, and degloving injuries can result in verdicts and settlements in excess of €5 million.

  2. Reduce Legal Costs. Attorney costs in catastrophic cases can exceed €250,000.

  3. Avoid Adverse Publicity. Press coverage of accidents and large settlements are damaging to the image of your transit system.

  4. Improve Public Image. Dedication ceremonies upon installation demonstrate the concern of your transit property for public safety.

  5. Minimize Exposure of your Drivers. Even non-fault accidents causing serious injuries have resulted in operators being unable to return to duty.

  6. Improve Loss Experience. For favorable underwriting and rating at time of renewal.