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What is the S-1 GARD?

The S-1 GARD Dangerzone Deflector is a patented, spring-loaded, maintenance-free device installed in front of the dual right rear wheels of a transit bus or a motor coach, designed to deflect a person out of the path of the wheels, preventing catastrophic injury or death.

The S-1 GARD Dangerzone Barrier offers protection from the front wheel to the rear wheel on low-floor buses where the S-1 GARD Dangerzone Deflector is not a practical solution.

Where can I see a demo?

A demo is available on our videos page.

How much does it cost?

For pricing and additional information, please contact us.

Where is it manufactured?

Pacific Metal Fab in Eugene, Oregon, USA, is the worldwide manufacturer of the S-1 GARD, and is a fabrication operation known for its precision sheet metal work and machining. Pacific Metal Fab uses only the latest production equipment available for the production of the S-1 GARD, and has the ability to customize virtually any project, achieving precise measurements and high tolerances. More information can be found here.

What is the difference between the S-1 GARD Dangerzone Deflector and the S-1 GARD Skirt?

The S-1 GARD Dangerzone Deflector is roughly 30 inches long and is mounted in front of the rear wheels, curving around to cover the path of the wheels. The S-1 GARD Dangerzone Barrier, on the other hand, is anywhere from 15 to 21 feet long, depending on the bus model, and covers the entire opening to the undercarriage of the bus.

The Dangerzone Deflector is suitable for a majority of public transit buses on the road today and all road conditions, while the S-1 GARD Dangerzone Barrier is ideal for low-floor buses (generally 10 inches or lower) in areas with well-maintained roads.

The S-1 GARD Dangerzone Deflector is our flagship product, and unless otherwise noted, the term "S-1 GARD" refers to it on this website and elsewhere.

What are the features of the new impact-resistant receiver design?

The guard has been thinned down to add more flexibility for curb impact, potholes, and poor road conditions. The new impact-resistant receiver supersedes the channel mount by sliding back and forth to absorb impact, preventing damage to guard. Worldwide patents pending.

How much does the S-1 GARD weigh?

The S-1 GARD kit, complete with a urethane boot, metal receiver, and necessary hardware weighs an average 35-40 pounds per unit, depending on the urethane. The bigger the boot, the heavier the kit will be.

The S-1 GARD Dangerzone Barrier kit, complete with urethane barrier, metal receiver, and necessary hardware will vary depending on the size of the bus. Contact us for an estimate.

Can it be drop-shipped?

Yes, product can be either drop-shipped or shipped direct to the destination of choice.

How durable is the product?

The BASF polyurethane S-1 GARD is placed in a curing oven for over 12 hours, and then dries to a firm, durable finish, resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays, dust, and ice accumulation. Amplified durability and flexibility allows the S-1 GARD to withstand any road condition or terrain, in any season. 

Where can I find more information on the S-1 GARD?

For ordering product, or more specifics and technical information about the S-1 GARD, please review our website, or contact us.